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Parenting Shape Layers whilst maintaining stroke size

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Thomas Schöbinger
Parenting Shape Layers whilst maintaining stroke size
on Oct 3, 2018 at 6:36:23 am

Hi Folks,
This might be a basic question , but I just can't manage to put it into words that would help me find the answer anywhere on google. So I'll try to be as precise as possible here:

My job is to animate this logo here with a spiraling effect.... that the hexagons build up one by one from the inside out, everyone rotating and scaling to its final position from the position of its inner neighbor. I reach this effect rebuilding the whole thing with shape layers. I created as many hexagons as needed, all of them with the scaling and rotation of the innermost hexagon. Then I added keyframes to animate scaling and rotation of every hexagon, so that their final position would match that of the second to innermost hexagon. Finally I parented the hexagon which was to be the outermost to the second to outermost, the second to outermost to the third to outermost etc. et voilà, the whole thing builds up, as it can be seen in the following three images (nevermind the color):

But now there is a problem: Other than in the original logo created by the photoshop-guy, where all the hexagons have the same stroke size (here I'm only referring to the inner eight hexagons of the original logo), in my animation the stroke size gets bigger the greater the radius of the hexagon is. This can be avoided by animating the Rotation and Outer Radius of the shape itself instead of the rotation and scaling of the entire shape layer, but by doing this, the parenting of one layer to another loses it's effect. I could parent the rotation and outer radius to that of the next inner hexagon (as in the image below), but that also wouldn't do the trick, for it makes the keyframes of the attributes that are the children of other attributes effectless. Therefore all hexagons keep the same rotation and outer radius. There is no more cascading effect.

So, does anybody know how I can parent the transformation of a shape (not a shape layer) to that of another and still have effective keyframes on it. Or, respectively, does anyone know another way to create this animation with all hexagons maintaining the same stroke size regardless of their scaling?

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