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60i vs 30p for Full HD?

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Adrian Chircu
60i vs 30p for Full HD?
on May 30, 2017 at 6:10:35 pm

I know this is a lot to read, but please do so. Thank you so much!

Hi, I`ve bought a used nikon d5200 only to find out that instead of the REAL 60P it actually does 60I which is basically still 30p. [damn you snapsort for only showing 60 fps when comparing cameras!!!!]

Now I am a little disappointed to be honest but I still love the camera, I cant obviously get something else since I spent all of my budget on it and a couple of lights and a tripod. [Guess the D3300 would of been a better choice, also cheaper ☹)

Anyways, I`ve read A LOT of threads on how you shouldnt use 60i and go for 30p or 24p instead, BUT I decided earlier today to do some tests in AE and so I shot 6 different clips with me jumping in good light conditions with the following results [NOTE: the 60i videos were darker than the 30p videos at Full HD]:

first clip full hd 60i 1/400 shutter speed / everything else auto ----> Twixtor Pro at 5% yielded quite a lot of artifacts when zoomed in but actually usable when on normal zoom with not so noticeable artifacts on the video and quite some blur, the action was SMOOTH [remember this word please 😃 ]

second clip full hd 60i 1/2000 shutter speed / everything else auto ----> Twixtor Pro at 5% yielded again quite a lot of artifacts but less blur, the image was smooth, similar results to the first clip.

third clip full hd 60i 1/4000 [max] shutter speed / everything else auto ---- Twixtor Pro at 5% yielded similar results but a LOT less blur, and although there were quite a lot of artifacts as for the previous videos, it is to be expected when the Twixtor is set at 5 percent, the image was SMOOTH, nonetheless.

fourth clip full hd 30p 1/4000 shutter speed ===> Now here it is where it gets interesting, at 5 percent in Twixtor Pro the video started stuttering, it was like the video was turning to pictures, I was actually JUMPING from one place to another, sort of like a teleportation, the image was NOT smooth and there was A LOT of blur, totally unusable, even though the shutter speed was still 1/4000

fifth clip hd 60p 1/2000 shutter speed ===> this was similar to the first clips on 5 percent although I THINK it did had less artifacts, but I would say around 5 maybe 10 percent better than full hd at 60i, the blur was alright. also when zoomed in less detail, more pixels [to be expected since its only HD]

sixth clip hd 60p 1/4000 shutter speed ===> almost no blur, similar results to the first clip at 1920x1080 at 60i although again, as i mentioned before not anything special.

Also wanted to mention how on my 5 year old laptop with an i3 mobile proc, 6 gbs of ram and an integrated gpu [intel hd 3000] the video playback in ANY kind of software [quicktime, bsplayer, avc, etc] has HORRIBLE lines around the corners of things, which I think are called interlaces. When I playback the video in AE on my work PC xeon e5, titan x, 64 gb of ram, the interlacing disappeared and AE saw the video as 30 fps.

My questions are, HOW? How is 60i better than 30p when doing slow motion with no noticeable difference in artifacts if it`s basically almost the same thing as 30p?

Should I keep on using 60i in my upcoming videos since I have to crank up the ISO to get as bright as 30p if Im not planning on slowing down the footage or should I switch to 30p for normal video?

Why does the video get darker when using 60i and brighter when using 30p? ALSO, why does it seem that my Nikon is cropping the image when shooting in 60i but its maintaining the ratio when shooting in 30p?

I know this is a lot to read so thanks for everyone who took time to do so and respond, it helps a lot!

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