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Noah Kadner
on Apr 29, 2005 at 9:51:22 pm

To be honest I probably would have shot Formosa on the VariCam were I to do it again and wanted it on HiDef. To me a prosumer camera is just that and putting better lenses on it only takes things so far. Until you get up into the 2/3" CCD chipset and all of the pro settings, optics and internal circuitry of a broadcast camera you're just seeing incremental increases. What comes out of the box on a prosumer camera is fine with me. If I like the specs, I'll get it. If not, I'm not going to wedge a square peg into a round hole.

I find it a little odd seeing someone shooting on an XL2 with a $7,000 P+S and $10,000 lenses. For the same exact rental money or less they could have used an off-the-shelf HD camera with way better results. Some people just want to tinker on a constant basis as if there's a holy grail prosumer camera that the big electronics firms are intentionally denying them. That's fine but why blame Panasonic for not reading your mind?

At any rate, removable lenses aren't gonna happen with the HVX because that ship has already sailed long ago. You should research a bit more about how cameras like these are developed and how long it takes to bring a product to market. Why make it sound like someone just flips a removable lens switch at the machine shop and all is fixed overnight? That's not how it works.

Yet you insist on decrying Panasonic for not making a camera to your exact personal specs and you do this on multiple boards. I know of no one else who cut and paste cross-posts like this every week. Last week it was the DCT encoding of DVCPRO HD that bugged you until folks pointed out just about every camera uses it. I guess you're cool with that but now the lens is no good. What's up for next week? The HVX's paint scheme isn't as pro as the JVC's? So paint yours and the rest of us will somehow survive.

If you want to be a tinkerer be a tinkerer but why not be an equal opportunity basher? Plenty of things to complain about over at Canon, JVC and Sony. And sorry if you don't see yourself as a basher because that's how your posts have read. There's always something just off about Panasonic's stuff. Change your tune once in a while and you'll sound a lot more credible. And I'm not saying that as something personal, just responding to what you've written.

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