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Re: NO p2 for me! Forget it!

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Peter DeCrescenzo
Re: NO p2 for me! Forget it!
on Apr 5, 2005 at 1:48:10 am

[Jan Crittenden] "Ha! Ha! Ha! That is rich! No offense to you but I feel that this is probably wishful thinking. We can't even keep it civil and they aren't here. It is quite amazing to me that people can be so rude in their replies and I am not referring to anything you have said. I sometimes am tempted to ask, if they were standing in front of me would you address me that way?"

Thank goodness it's civil here most of the time. The COW is a great place! And yes, people "say" the oddest things online, compared to "real" life. Ahem, my comments excluded of course. >cough<

[Jan Crittenden] "... if you were standing in front of me I would say pretty much the same thing, but you would see my face and know that I was just challenging you not dissing you. ..."

No offense taken, and I hope none was perceived. I was just imagining you reading my rant, with a _look_ on your face, you know, that subtle "Are you out of your mind?" look? :)

[Jan Crittenden] "... There is no way that I would sit and watch something frame for frame twice. I wouldn't do it and frankly I think it is a little unbelievable that you wouldn't find an easier way to do this. ..."

Well, I might watch every frame in a backup copy (in addition to electronically verifying it) if a recording was important -- and which ones aren't? -- and I was about to erase the only other copy -- the original -- and one of the copies wasn't "off site" yet. Even if I made two backups, I'd watch all of at least one of the backups before I erased the original recording. Darn straight. I'd like to believe other shooters would do the same, but I could be wrong.

I'd like to believe a client would pay me or someone to do it, but, damn, now I know I'm wrong ... ;-)

The "easier way to do this" would be my using a backup system I believe to be essentially 100% reliable, but I'm not a believer yet. It could happen. Heck, I might even buy an iPod one of these days. :)

[Jan Crittenden] "... You are not erasing your work; you are moving the work to elsewhere. ..."

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck ... it is a duck. Of course, to quote "my" President, "I suppose that may depend on what one's definition of "is" is?"

So you may be right. Or should I say, "You is right."?

[Jan Crittenden] "... you keep looking at it from one view, and that is that you are erasing the work, no, you just moved it. Check it. Is it there? Yes? Then move on. ..."

Well, yes, when I look at it one way it's like looking down over the edge of a high cliff (!), but of course I could instead simply adjust my gaze ever so slightly upward, and instead see nothing but a beautiful bright blue sky, and then walk forward, into the future, if only but for a little while ... ;-)

OK, so I made my backup (or 2 or 3), and I see there's a little icon thingee that indicates the backup is All Good(TM). But later, me and several thousand users (out of a total of 30,000 times that number) later discover to our horror that 500 megs or 5 gigs or 100 gigs worth of backup is for some reason unknown to us Not All Good(TM) due to some software glitch in version 1.0b or whatever.

I worked in technical support at major software vendors for several years, and I've seen worse happen in terms of frequency -- but thank goodness none of my customers were dealing with 100s of gigs worth of data each! I definitely don't want that TS job, thank you.

But the preceeding senario won't be as big a problem if people follow my backup procedure, because they'd know their video backups were good, because they watched the _video_ (not some smiling icon or a flashing "OK") before they erased the original recording.

[Jan Crittenden] "I do care and I do check. ... Oh it has been given careful thought. The point is that you cannot approach it the same way as you do tape, or you will never leave tape behind. You have to do that paradigm shift thing. Think different! our friends at Apple say, I say think differently. ..."

I know you care or you wouldn't be here, and I appreciate that.

The dawning of the P2 Age does not herald-in a change in the laws of physics or norms of good table manners. It does however offer cool new ways to do old things. It also creates new opportunities for bad things to happen to good people -- especially if they're not careful how they use this shiny new cool tool.

Myself, I look forward to the day -- perhaps soon -- when someone will approach me with the remark: "Is that a P2 card in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" 8)

All the best,

- Peter

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