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Re: NO p2 for me! Forget it!

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Graeme Nattress
Re: NO p2 for me! Forget it!
on Apr 4, 2005 at 12:34:20 pm

I still don't get you Peter. News crews regularly wipe over old tapes. You can see this in the increase in dropouts in news programmes.

Now, you say about backing up the video twice. This doesn't get done today as standard practise. The cameraguy tapes the event and at the end, might wind the tape back a bit to see if it's worked. Then you have a mastertape, that gets digitised to edit from, and the master either gets stuck on a shelf or wiped and re-used. Similarly, if you're an indie movie maker, documentarian, whatever, you shoot the master tape, wind it back to check a bit, and get it into your edit suite and stuff it on the shelf. At no point do you check the whole tape until it's too late to go back and shoot the once in a lifetime event again.

No what's different with P2? Well, shooting direct to memory has got to be more reliable than shooting direct to tape. Then you shove the P2 into your NLE, and then take that P2 and dump it's contents to tape, to disc, to hard drive, whatever. Yes, when you wipe that P2, the video is gone, but if you've made an unattended backup to tape, both that and your NLE would have to fail for you to loose anything, whereas in shooting direct to tape, which is not always reliable, you've lost your footage before you've even began!

With digital video, it's either 100% perfect or 0%. I don't see why dumping a P2 to tape is going to be any less reliable than the current standard, which is just shooting direct to tape. By keeping your deck in a nice, controlled, office environment, where you can lavish it with the care it needs, rather being bumped up and down on your shoulder in all environments, I can only think that shooting P2 and dumping to tape would be MORE reliable than the old way of doing things, rather than less. And yes, accidents will happen, but they happen now. I can only see this reducing accidents.

As for destroying the original - remember, when you're out videoing stuff, the "original" is the unique event you're video taping, and that can never be repeated, and in that sense, under no video capture mechanism do we get to keep the original event, only a copy of it on some ephemeral media, be it tape, disk, P2 or whatever. And if you count the "orginal" as the master recorded copy, with digital video, every dub is a clone dub and is as an equally valid master as the original.

Remember, when video tape first came out, it was re-used as it was so darn expensive. If they wanted to keep something, they did a tele-recording onto film. That didn't stop video tape taking off to become the norm, and the high price, initially of P2 won't stop that taking off either.

I guess what I'm looking forwards to is not having to wait for tape to get up to speed after hitting the record button!!


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