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Re: Importing an interactive .swf file into a full flash site ( AS3 answer)

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demetri tashieRe: Importing an interactive .swf file into a full flash site ( AS3 answer)
by on Oct 20, 2011 at 8:36:01 pm

i'm sorry that i won't be much more help with an AS2 file or code. I don't work with it. It is outdated, even though it still seems to abound in the world of people selling and trading flash 'templates'.

but to help clarify some things, here are some random thoughts:

AS2 and AS3 code do not mix. while some things may appear similar, they are different 'languages'.

If you didn't create the original .fla file, then you can see from the Properties Panel what version the file was created in AS2 or AS3

In AS2 files it is possible to place code directly on buttons or movieclips. In AS3 files, this is impossible, and for good reasons too numerous to go into. code can be written inside the Actions Panel - accessable from the Windows drop down menu if it is not already open. Code wirtten there is said to be written ' on the timeline'. Best practicve has code written only on the timeline, and only on the first frame of the timeline. better practice has the main swf having only 1 frame, but that's more complicated than you seem ready for.

SWFs can be used inside other SWFs but they are not imported into the SWF nor the Library. Through the use of a Loader - either created all in code, or the use of a Loader Component, one SWF can be made to appear and play inside another SWF. The code i gave before shows how to do that, as well as how to position it via its x and y coordinates.

if you highlight a button or movieclip symbol on the stage, then inside the Properties Panel you can give it a name, called an 'instance name'. that is how you can call to it in code - by it's instance name.

don't ever apologize for being a beginner or not understanding something. actionscript is a language, and like other languages, it takes time to become comfortable in it, let alone 'fluent'.

Sorry i can't give more info on AS2. maybe others can answer those specific AS2 questions

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