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Re: Something revised, something new....

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Re: Something revised, something new....
on May 30, 2005 at 10:41:34 pm

Hiya, Christian. We hire editors but expect a montage of work (1-2 minutes usually), right or wrong. A good demo reel dvd will contain a montage that usually runs by default (when first inserted) and then will end going to the menu where you can see more complete pieces, like complete spots. Your best bet regarding this is to call the facility in which you want to apply and ask them what they're expecting, since no one answer will be the right one. From my perspective, the danger in sending them not a montage but a few pieces back to back is that it will seem slow and blah to the person viewing. Call and ask and send what they want. My guess is that they'll likely expect a montage with the option of looking at more complete pieces if they like your montage. They need a quick way to narrow the pile of demo reels and the montage is usually the preferred way to do this.

I agree with the John Travolta point. If you did a show special on swordfish then make it simple and clear that it was a show and don't just show the swordfish footage, even if it was a making of swordfish because then I would wonder if you were in on the making of swordfish. When you're putting these things together you have to stay sensitive to the fact that there -are- folks out there that will pass famous stuff off as their own. As potential employers / clients are looking at your footage, they'll have this in the back of their mind and it may be assumed at times that this is what you're doing. There's no reason to leave your viewer in the dark unless you really are trying to give off the wrong impression in hopes it will make you look more established and known as an editor / compositor. Stay very clear and truthful in your reel and the employer / client will trust you more when they call you in to talk.

Also the danger in showing well-known footage (containing actors, etc.) is that they might assume you want too much and dismiss you immediately. Remember that the folks hiring usually have 15 other things lined up to finish that day so setting up interviews is a process that usually only lasts minutes. Any red flag will usually kill you unless the circumstances are abnormal (you're extremely well-known, they know someone who's talked about you outside of your reel, etc.).

As far as mentioning the software it's a valid point you're making. But also keep in mind when you get specific on what you know it may be assumed that that's all you know, or all you're interested in knowing - non-avid editing facilities are used to dealing with the avid avanelgists who are convinced you're not actually editing unless you're editing on avid. Leaving out the software packages you know (at least on the reel) may help curb any prejudices or passions the employer may already have and decide when they talk to you whether or not you can learn different things without that chip on your shoulder.

Just my .02.

- mYthprod
(John David Hutton)

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