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Re: Improving Motion 4 performance ?

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Deyson Ortiz
Re: Improving Motion 4 performance ?
on Aug 4, 2012 at 6:03:29 pm

I like what Apple did with FCPX. I personally feel the old FCP was outdated and in need of a change, after ten years of the same interface looking at a new way of editing is a breath of fresh air.

Plus all the new features that Apple has added to FCPX has increased the speed to my workflow. I feel as if I can edit much faster now than ever before and also now that FCPX does many of the mundane and tedious work in the background it allows me to focus on being more creative and have more fun with my work.

The Apple Display I also thought was expensive at first. But compared to all the other monitors I have tested, it is had the nicest design, look and feel compared to any other monitor under the 1000 price range. The image looks sharp and by having over 2,600 pixels in resolution gives me more screen real estate than having to use two monitors, so instead of having to buy two monitors I only need one.

When you add the cost of FCPX plus Motion and a Cinema Display, you still end up spending less than most NLE software alone, which is delivered on a 10 cent DVD.

If you need full dedicated support from Apple you can purchase their Apple Care or just use the hundreds of support forums on the net which are free.

Compared to a few years ago where editing in SD could start off at $60,000 we have gone a long way. So the “Apple Tax” is nothing compared to how much we had to pay not many years ago. All the competition had their own form of “Tax” either through support, updates or simply adding a few more features. If anything Apple really helped bring the prices down in our industry so most of us can deliver professional looking content for a fraction of the cost. You want to hear about being financially raped, I used to use an NLE system that cost over $70,000 only to have it dropped with no notice or warning or apology by the company. This also happened to a friend by another NLE competitor spending close the same amount. That is the reason we jumped to FCP 1.0 eleven years ago and since then I have been happy :) FCP was not dropped thankfully, it was just reborn into something better, FCPX.

I did not get the 5870 graphics card, I added the 5770 and it is half the price. I run a business so I could not wait for the not so distant future. :( But $250.00 is not bad price though I think.

My next step is the SSD Drive, which I have heard good things about. :)

I for one do not mind spending more on Apple products, as I always feel I get a great quality product , great customer service, their products last for a very long time and gives me a great return on my investment. I also like the way their products are packaged and delivered, it makes me feel as if they actually care.

But these are all my opinions, in the end what matters is what makes you happy and gives you the most satisfaction. :)

Have a great day and keep creating.

P.S. Some of the best artists in our history started out as hobbyists, the important thing is Passion :)

- Deyson Ortiz - Editor / Motion Graphics

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