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Bill Davis
Re: Trending freelance
on Mar 31, 2018 at 8:03:42 pm

There's also the economic effects of the "digitization" of labor in this era.

It was at least 4 years ago, I was reading about how an editor friend in LA, works till 5pm, then his files go up to the cloud and are accessed by the sound team in Spain, who do the audio work - and send them back ready for the editor the next AM.

That started me paying attaching to global workforce issues.

And yep, I can start a gig on my 8 hours in the Mountain Time Zone, pass it off to a colleague in England who puts in his 8 hours - on to one in Australia who puts in the next 8 hours - and it returns to me having had 24 straight hours of progress with nobody having to work any overtime.

If anyone can explain to me how this doesn't make business sense, please let me know.

And YES, the tendency will be for whoever has oversight control over this process offer the lowest reasonable wages required to get decently qualified global workers in a scenario like this.

This isn't theoretical, it's the REALITY we're living in.

Each of us will eventually be competing with ANYONE, ANYWHERE that has similar skills and high speed internet access. Unskilled labor will go to the robots. The rest to knowledge workers. And knowledge is cheaper and more accessible than ever.

That's why we're likely going to lose out in the US if things continue to go like they're going.

Not because we don't have some kind of silly wall keeping BODIES out - but because we haven't shifted government thinking to prepare for this coming tectonic economic shift.

We've already utterly wasted at least two decades of planning time screwing around with bombing peasants and not making high speed internet cheap and available to everyone so that our best and brightest kids can build global connections and reputation capacity.

My wife is a former large school district instructional specialist and her part time gig economy hustle is NOT training US citizens for the coming digital era - she's contract teaching English to little kids in Beijing via telepresence.

Some nights I wake up worrying that the US is rushing headlong into the new DIGITAL DARK AGES.

My current Cox high-speed internet (plus TV) package runs me $300 or so a month. I consider it a necessary business expense, but it's now MORE than I pay for my electricity.

We're moving to SoCal in a few months and if I want to just keep even in the data access space, housing costs that are ridiculous because I'd have to live where the fast internet gods will allow me to live - not where I might want - unless I can live with a significant data access downgrade.

That's just STUPID in a nation trying to complete globally.

I freaking MISS Al Gore.

At least he had his eye on the REAL ball 20 years ago, when this should have actually been effectively addressed.


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