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Re: How Long To Edit a Reality Show?

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Bill Davis
Re: How Long To Edit a Reality Show?
on Nov 24, 2017 at 8:50:32 pm

The very phrase "reality show" is the most egregious oxymoron of this era.

If it's a show - it ain't reality. Period.

These are extremely curated, custom designed and assembled piece of media - purpose designed to attract eyeballs - and sell them either directly to the public or to advertisers.

Distilling the boredom of ACTUAL REALITY into something that will efficiently attract enough eyeballs to be useful in making enough money to sustain the effort - is BRUTALLY hard work.

And as others have noted here far better than I ever can - the people who make "reality tv" are in it for one primary purpose - making MONEY. Full stop. People who make money as their primary goal necessarily balance income vs expenses ruthlessly. An editor is an expense. Period. Full stop. Know that going in.

To expect them to behave in ANY fashion other than maximizing profit by any means possible is to misunderstand how modern money-making works.

They will pay you as LITTLE as possible - for as MUCH work as possible - every - single - time.

The smartest bosses, IF they find you can be exceptionally useful in productivity or skill - will likely pay you enough so you don't run off with your experience and require them to replace you - but there are PLENTY of producers who don't care about turnover - and simply want as much effort for as few dollars as possible. If YOU don't want to do the scut work - they understand somebody in NewDelhi probably WILL.

This looks bleak - but in fact, it represents a push for you to understand one thing. The ONLY thing that will allow you to earn more than anyone else pushing the buttons - is your reputation. That means you can't be "as good" as the next editor. You need to be objectively BETTER at some aspect of production that it needed by the market place.

ONE way to get better is by rote learning. So sucking it up and working stupid hard for little money CAN drive you into advancing farther than your competitors.


(And this is a big deal, IMO)

If you aren't constantly confronting new and unique challenges EVERY GIG you are losing ground. Basically, if you're being paid crap wages to stretch and grow - that's ONE thing. But if you are being paid crap wages to just crank out the SAME crap week after week, month after month - that should be a GIANT flashing red light and ear piercing siren.

RUN from that.

My 2 cents.

Creator of XinTwo -
The shortest path to FCP X mastery.

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