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Re: Freelance Video Editor Business Card advice

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Ned Miller
Re: Freelance Video Editor Business Card advice
on Oct 22, 2014 at 2:08:40 pm
Last Edited By Ned Miller on Oct 22, 2014 at 2:23:08 pm

In response to Matt's post, as a DP & Producer who DOES NOT edit, I try my best to never bring my post to an editor who owns production gear, knows how to shoot and/or produces. I realize that many post specialists have had to migrate to producing since The Crash and the younger ones are "generalists" but...

No one spends more time with my clients than the editor. He or she will have a lot of communication back and forth with my client(s) while I have moved onto the next gig. No one starts out planning to steal their client's client but relationships do develop, almost like romances, but in the business not biblical sense, and the original guy gets elbowed out. Seen it a million times, experienced it several. Vendors and clients fall for each other, it's a chemistry.

So in sum, if your bread and butter is cutting for other folks, make the card seem like that's ALL you do, or perhaps have two cards. For many years I had a DP card and another for producing because many producers will not hire a videographer who also produces based on the reason I list above. Money comes between friends, even family, so it's not wise to introduce your potential competitor to your clients.

As to a logo, yes a nice one helps but...I have piles of biz cards on my desk/shelves held down by rocks and paper weights, I use them as we used to use Rolodexes (Google Rolodex), because total strangers are not worth the effort of inputting their data into my lists until I need them or they have proven worthy. The category I put them in is more important than the logo. Also, I think your name should be in your company title because when you deal with a prospect like me, where my memory is not my greatest attribute, I will forget the connection between a cutesy company name and the person I met. And that is why I changed back from BIZ Video to Ned Miller.

No one will turn a bc over to see what's on the other side, at least it would never occur to me.

Try not to use the word Post, that's inside baseball. If you are passing out your bc to non-industry types they understand the term Video Editing and they may not get Post. I know this from causing confusion on cost estimates, regular Joes think post is a part of a fence.

Pass out your card to everyone you come in contact with who has the term Marketing, HR, Sales, Advertising, Creative Director, PR and Corp Comm in their title. If you meet people in a local, hot company and become friendly ask them to pass your card onto the person "in charge of video" at their company, especially if they are friends with that person. I've gotten many gigs that way. No one cares about you until a hot potato video project is thrust upon them and then they scramble to find a "vendor".

Lastly DO NOT have your physical address on your card because you could be considered GU (Geographically Undesirable). When time is of the essence I need to drop off drives, etc., or have a shoulder to shoulder meeting going over footage, etc. so if I know someone lives very far away I may rule them out.

Good luck!

Ned Miller
Chicago Videographer

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