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Todd Terry
Re: Print Advertising
on May 3, 2012 at 10:16:35 pm

[Richard Kuenneke] "If you don't do print advertising - then what do you do to market yourself?"

Yeah, Rich, we do virtually no print advertising. In fact, the first three years of operation I didn't even have business cards... I know, that's bad, especially for a company that does marketing).

We've never had a Yellow Pages display ad or anything. Firstly, YP is wildly expensive, and secondly even our one-line Yellow Pages listing has never resulted (that I know of) in any real significant job... only inquiries about gigs we don't want... videos for weddings and dance recitals, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with that work, of course, but it's just not what we do. We do almost nothing but broadcast commercials, ergo our client pool is fairly limited... mostly advertising agencies, and we already work at least at some degree for just about every one that's in our region... some we do everything for, the others maybe only occasionally but at least we're on their radar. 99% percent of our business comes from word of mouth, someone who knows someone who knows someone, that kind of thing.

The only real marketing we ever do on a continuing basis is try to keep our website up to date, and I guess every now and then a job comes to us that way.

Slightly funny story, 15 years ago when I started this company my old long-time employer (a television station) actually gave me a billboard for a month as a going away present. A billboard. I thought outdoor advertising was a pretty funny gift, but it was cool to see my logo up on a big board. My very first business phone call came as a result of that board. It came at about 6am, and I was still a one-person company with a home office. I was so excited to hear the office phone actually ring that I jumped out of bed and ran down to the office and answered it excitedly, to hear the caller say "Uhhh, hey... are y'all hirin'?"

We've done some very minor biz-to-biz direct mail pieces a couple of times... one about a decade ago when we moved into our current facility....

...and another shortly after that when we moved from 16mm film production to primarily 35mm....

... but these were both short-run pieces (couple hundred at most) just basically two-sided postcards, that we just sent to people that already knew us.

Another time a few years ago, although we had already been doing HD production for quite a while none of the television stations here were actually airing our spots in HD. When the first one finally did, we made a big deal about it and sent out press releases about the first high-def spots in the market, etc. The business reporter and a photographer from the local newspaper came out and did a front business-page story about us... that generated a little bit of buzz and some businesses opportunities, I think. I know, today it's old hat and a little bit like bragging about television that's actually in color, but at the time it seemed like a big deal.

But again, for us it's mostly word of mouth and knowing the right people.

We think about doing some additional marketing now and then, but really haven't had either the time or the right ideas to do any.


Todd Terry
Creative Director
Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.

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