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Re: FCP-X: Case study for biz schools

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Mark Suszko
Re: FCP-X: Case study for biz schools
on Jun 22, 2011 at 2:29:35 pm

At this point in the timeline of the situation, I mostly agree with Shane, that if there is a method to the madness, we're not seeing it, in terms of business decisions.

First, you launch a revolutionary new product, half-baked and incomplete. Well, that's not the first time, and it very well could be that a year from now we'll all laugh at our initial shock because everything that's wrong or missing will be awesome by then. maybe.

But the second part of the one-two punch is the real shocker in this situation: that Apple pulled the previous product availability, apparently, completely and for good. Let's try to game it out as if we're the marketing guys in Cupertino:

Black turtleneck guy: "To get these stubborn users to migrate, you have to make them walk the plank: no mercy, no path of retreat, only ever forward. Since we only make money from people buying new products or services, there is no percentage in leaving the old stuff out there. We've made all we will make in profits from the old stuff. Dump it."

Ironically-named unknown band t-shirt guy: "But this is hostile to our crunchy-granola hipster commune image with the user base. We'll alienate our most fervent (and free) evangelizers in the marketplace, the high-end media-centric people who do our best marketing by word of mouth, for us, with an indie cred we can't buy."

Ironic facial hair guy: "The high-end guys gave us our credibility to start with, but look at the actual stats of the user base and they are only a small fraction of the total. Steve says tape is dead, disks are dead, everything is the cloud. The folks most likely to buy into that are the ones least invested in the old order of things. New users won't miss what they didn't know we took away. The new product looks totally badass, and that's half the battle."

Severe pony tail chick rocking expensive eyeglass frames: "We have to keep a balance between the youtubing kids and the hardcore broadcast pros, because the nerds want to seem hip and cool, and the cool kids need to feel cutting-edge and hard core tech, but without having to actually learn anything."

500-dollar suit coat over scruffy t-shirt guy: "We'll make it the third party vendors' problem. And their opportunity. We've broken so much that was old here, there will be work and money for lots of third-parties to fix or add back the stuff the hard core user base wants and used to have. The product as-is is ready enough for the younger user base, and as the third-party developers add stuff, users can build their own sandwich from the app store, make it what they need it to be. We make money on the developers and on their product, we make money twice, for less overall work."

Facial hair guy: "More champagne, anybody?"
(group) "Hells, yeah!" (clink)

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