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Re: Freelance Editing + non competition agreement

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grinner hesterRe: Freelance Editing + non competition agreement
by on Feb 15, 2011 at 5:21:34 pm

Just decline if it comes up. Some gigs and jobs are worth signing em for but some are not. A friendly phone call to the producer probably would have kept everything all smooth betweeen the two of you. It aint an asking for permission thing just a classy I'm not sneaking over your head gesture. I'll tell ya what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.
Dude calls me up and asks if I will run camera as a freelancer at his studio for a couple of days. He and I go a decade back and we've always been friends. As shoots go, good ones, anyway, we often become friends with the clients over a day or two. Such was the case this time and at the end of the two days, as we were parting ways, my friend's client asked my if I had a business card. Brother, I thought nothing in the world of it, slid it to her with him standing next to me and said something like "just be sure to request me next time you're talking with Kev". They split and good ole Kev aint been the same since. He saw it as I was going after his client. I tried to explain if that were the case I would not have done it in front of him. To this day, he's all fussy. My fault? Well, it was as easy as just saying what I said and pulling no card out. I just didn't think and while I have explained to him that my mistake was out of ignorance, not malace, I could call him right now and he'd not answer.
That's how I see that phone call you could have made. I realize you, like me, are just programmed to say sure then provide. When a triangle gets formed though, just keep that in mind all the time. In my case, just routing them through Kev would have compimented him and maintained the hiarchy I wasn't aware he was trying to boast. In your case, the producer would have realized there was no budget for her and would have wished you well on the gig.
It's funny. We are in communications but lack of communication can still be an obsticle.

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