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Re: What kind of idiot names a company APPLE????

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Ron Lindeboom
Re: What kind of idiot names a company APPLE????
on Apr 7, 2010 at 2:18:04 pm

[Timothy J. Allen] "I'm not sure I really thought cows were terribly creative until... ;-)"

I just ran Tim's comment by Bessie® and she was rather perplexed that, as she said, "Humans fail to see just how creative we are. We eat little more than grass and water -- which isn't much on the food value scale, I assure you -- and from it we make milk, cheese, butter and other things quite high in protein. You try that with your single stomach and your faulty pair of man udders, Mister Allen!"

I was without retort. I mean: how do you respond to words like that? Especially when you are pre-caffeinated, early in the morning. So I said the only words that came to my mind in the situation: "Yeah, and all it takes is three stomachs and some massive molars, is all." (Hardly my best retort, but again, in my defense Mister Allen, I was sans-caffeine.)

Bessie tipped her head a bit and got that quite bovine all quizzical look that cows get when they're talking with you and a question begins to frustrate them, (you know the look), and she muttered something about "Yeah, four legs driving three stomachs and four udders. You try that one, too, Allen."

So, in a gesture to make her feel better, I gave her a Creative COW® t-shirt, pulling it on over her head. It was then I realized my mistake, as the sleeves hung there embarrassingly empty in the breeze.

How could I have been so blind? It must have indeed been due to the lack of coffee at such an early hour.

As Bessie stood there with those dangling sleeves rippling in the breeze, she again twisted her head to the side in a look of abject befuddlement, giving that sideways glance from her big cow eyes that you always see when cows have something very important to say -- and just when I thought that she was about to speak, she walked off, sleeves emptily rippling in the wind.

As she walked off, I heard her finally mutter that "Timothy J. owes cows an apology. That he does...that he does. NASA? Heck, they send monkeys into space. Never cows. Shows how much they know. And they still can't make a decent Brie or Camembert."

I promise it happened just like that. Really.

Best regards from an as yet still pre-caffeinated,

Ron Lindeboom

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