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Re: BTW - Here's a pretty dismal review of CRANK

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Dino Sanacory
Re: BTW - Here's a pretty dismal review of CRANK
on Apr 20, 2009 at 3:41:39 pm

I think everyone sees it essentially the way I see it. That is, movies are about telling stories and the tools used are just that, tools. If the end result is something that can engage, entertain, and enrich the viewer, it is a successful movie.

That said, the same criteria can be applied to any story telling. Nobody cares if a book was written on a $6000 computer with two 30" screens or scrawled on the back of used placemats with a dull pencil. If the book is good, it's good. Now if the book is bad photocopies of that illegible, grease-stained scrawl, the story is effected buy the fact that I can't make out a third of the words and a feeling that I should wash my hands every time I touch the book. Proof reading, spell checking, type setting, layout, are all parts of the idea of a book. Leaving these out reduces the value of the best story. That is what we have with this movie. It is not an attempt to re-evaluate the tools. It is a disrespect of the craft.

I will never waste the time or money to see this movie in a theater. I did watch an online trailer in high res. The images looked over processed and abused as if from an attempt to compensate for the poor results of what was shot. Yes, that is my opinion. The thing is, as much as story, writing, acting, directing, editing, music all play a part in a successful movie, at the end of the day, film is a visual medium. We should expect a treat for our eyes as much as we expect compelling catchphrases or gratuitous violence.

There have always been financial limits that come into play in the creation of a movie. Nobody storms out of a theater in a rage because some self-financed independent didn't have an explosive train crash or an accurate recreation of ancient Rome. The filmmaker just has to be honest with the story that can be told based on the limits of their situation.

"Crank" is not art. That is fine. It's disposable pop, meant to titillate. 14 year old boys will love this movie. No one though should treat this as legitimate invalidation of a tried and true craft. Crank is not a subversive blow at some impenetrable industry aristocracy. It is a cheat of the audience that should expect a certain minimum standard of respect for our willingness to hand over our money in exchange for a visual experience.

We as image makers/manipulators should always strive to create the best possible visual experience we can. Don't ever let, what you can get away with, stand in for, what you should do.

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