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Re: HD tape question

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Peter BurgerRe: HD tape question
by on May 30, 2012 at 1:54:21 pm

What HD format are you shooting on? I assume - since you're writing in the HDV forum - it's HDV?

I don't know why the freelance shooter states that the quality of HD-video on tape is no better than SD...

IMHO he is comparing apples to oranges...

If we're really talking about HDV here: O.k. HDV has about the same bitrate as DV. So, of course, the compression of HDV is much higher than of DV.
Under close inspection, there are quite a huge amount of (compression) artifacts in an HDV frame ... So - looking only on that single aspect - HDV is even lower quality than DV (SD), BUT it has about four times the resolution.

Most card-based HD camcorders have either higher bitrates or work with compression that is superior to the MPEG2 compression of HDV (or both).

I own (next to my Sony HDV cam) a Canon DSLR which not only provides FullHD (1920 x 1080 - although it is said, that the Canon VDSLRs even in FullHD only provide about 720p HD that is resized internally to FullHD), but also records natively to H.264 compressed MOVs with up to 40 Mbps. My Sony has a 1440 x 1080 resolution and records with about 25 Mbps to MPEG2.

H.264 (MPEG4) is a better compression codec which - even with the same bitrate - would provide better results. The overall picture quality is better plus it helps a lot in postproction.

More professional HD camcorders will give you even better quality than the DSLR of course.

An up-to-date non-tape-HD camcorder will most definitly give you better results than an (outdated) tape-based recording system.

[Carly Smith] "Personally I'm happy with the setup as is"

There you go: If you're and your clients are happy with the quality go on!

I personally really like my "dusty" Sony V1 HDV camcorder and I use it frequently. I really like the possibility of tapes as an archive. On every card based solution you will not only have to buy a lot of HD storage but also a lot of HD backup storage if your HD fails...

I like both both worlds and depending on what job I'm hired for, I either use my HDV cam or my card based DSLR...

What I'm thinking of, is to upgrade with an external recorder. Many HDV camcorders provide a FullHD signal through the HDMI port that can be recorded live uncompressed (or just lightly compressed) to an external HD...

Just my thoughts... HTH

"Tragedy is a close-up; comedy, a long shot." - Buster Keaton

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