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Re: Do local tv stations accept commercials shot in HDV format (1440x1080)

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Todd TerryRe: Do local tv stations accept commercials shot in HDV format (1440x1080)
by on Jan 26, 2012 at 3:38:28 pm

Yes and no.

TV stations certainly accept commercials shot on HDV, which was your original question.

A station doesn't care about the camera acquisition format one bit. You can shoot in on a 30-year-old Fisher Price Pixelvision camera if you want, they don't care... they'll still take the money and air the spot.

They won't, however, accept commercials delivered on HDV.

You really shouldn't try to deliver anything to anyone on HDV anyway. HDV is (despite what some people say) a great acquisition format. The footage is great as it comes out of the camera. But you should really stop living in the HDV world at that point. It's not a good editing format as is it so compressed, and it's a terrible mastering format... which is what you are looking at to deliver. Here we do shoot in HDV, but we capture as uncompressed 10-bit avi files... thus the footage is never HDV again. That way it's much easier to edit with, and always looks great with no generational re-compression or loss. Some people do capture as HDV and edit from the HDV files, but you still shouldn't try to master back to HDV.

Almost all TV stations and cable systems will accept (and most will prefer) Mpeg2 files. And they must be 29.97fps, and most want interlaced files. Here, we produce almost everything at 24p (23.976fps), so our very last stage is converting the 24fps progressive file to a 30fps interlaced file to make the mpg file for delivery.

Some stations will also accept .mov files, but not all of them will as some don't like Quicktime. Some will accept other types as well... but if you provide mpeg2 files those are fairly universally accepted.

You'll have to ask each place you wish to deliver a spot to. Usually their traffic department will have the answer to that... and there are usually fairly specific specs you have to follow as to file type, size, bitrate, and all that. And they are not all the same... some of the places that we deliver to, for example, REQUIRE that we have bars, tone, and slates on commercial spots. However other places FORBID it, and any spots that have those will be rejected. We have a big "upload bible" here that gives the specs for each place that gets files from us. You just have to ask them.


Todd Terry
Creative Director
Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.

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