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DVD menu does not fit on TV screen despite NTSC settings

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David BaumanDVD menu does not fit on TV screen despite NTSC settings
by on Apr 25, 2012 at 3:09:54 am

So I've made a dvd menu before, and it fit two different large televisions just fine. I made the menu from a Motion file, and set it to be my background in DVD studio Pro. I duplicated my motion project because I needed 3 different menus that looked the same, but with different titles, it seemed very minor. The motion project settings were identical, NTSC Broadcast SD setting. Saved the motion project, and then exported it once again. It's a quicktime file, obviously. Repeated the same steps the last time I made a menu in DVDSP, and the simulator showed everything fitting. But when I burned the disc and watched it on the SAME television screens on the same dvd players, now the whole menu doesn't fit on the screen properly.

I've tried figuring out what I did wrong, I DID notice that the successfully fitted background menu of my successful DVD didn't quite fit in the title safe area when I set it as a background, but still played fine on the televisions. In this newer DVDsp project, it actually appears to fit differently when I made the file the background for the menu, despite being a modified version of the old file with identical settings. I've tried burning the disc twice now. Everything looks fine both times, everything else seems to work. But the menu is still not sized properly.

The Video Assets Tap says Format:Quicktime Video
Width: 720
Height: 480
Closed GOP: Yes
FrameRate: 29.97 Non-Drop
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Then the timecodes. I opened the old project and looked to see if these settings were the same. The only difference was time codes, and I don't see how that should affect the physical placing of the motion file in DVDsp.

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this out, I'm sure it's something very simple, but please help if anyone knows what's going on with the size of the menu, or how I can change the size in DVDsp. Thanks!


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