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Re: VIDEO_TS works perfect until burned on a DVD. HELP!

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Ben De LoenenRe: VIDEO_TS works perfect until burned on a DVD. HELP!
by on Jan 26, 2010 at 10:08:56 pm

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the reply.
I have solved the problem although I find it a very strange one.
Here's the thing I did:

I decided to restart the construction of the project from scratch, starting with the language select menu, using the scripts (GPRM1=1 for English) and (GPRM1=2 for Spanish), leading to the mainmenu in the right language. I then used a different approach to what I had before making 5 separate timelines for the 5 presentations. I also made 4 menus with the spanish introduction text of the 4 presentations (the first one is an introductory talk and doesn't need a text to introduce), and I made 4 menus with the English introduction texts. I then used the display condition function of the Language selection menu set to GPRM1=0 with alternate target being the English mainmenu, which I gave display condition GPRM1=1 with alternate target to the Spanish mainmenu, which has the display condition GPRM1=2 with alternate target to the English mainmenu. This allows me to set the menu control for the videotracks to the language select menu, which will then automatically link to the right mainmenu.

Then, the play all button links to the first presentation, which links to the spanish intromenu of the 2nd one, which has a timeout of 10sec. linking to the 2nd presentation track, etc. I used the display condition GPRM1=2 with alternate target being the English version of the intro menus, and GPRM1=1 with alternate target to the Spanish version. This to make sure that when the Spanish play all button is used to start this chain, you see the Spanish introtext (menu) and when started from the English play all, you see the English one.

I then exported this project, burned it on DVD and tested it: works perfect! The issues experienced before are solved. Then, I continued with the separate chapter buttons:

I made a script I thought up myself being set GPRM4=1 and then jump to e.g videotrack1. I made one of these scripts for every button (5). The first one is the one linking to the videotrack of the first presentation, the other buttons first linking to the introtext menu, which then end jumps to the videotrack of the introduced presentation.

Then, I made another script 'jump Language menu (GPRM4=1) and jump INTRO... (intro of next presentation) (GPRM4=0). Then I made a prescript for the mainmenus set GPRM4=0, so that after watching separate chapters, the GPRM4 is resetted.

I then burned this on DVD, works perfect!

Then, I added the copyright pct file and title (also pct file) in the form of a video-track and set it as first play with all user commands disabled. This then leads to the language select. I also made a videotrack with the introtext (two pct files) for spanish, and a videotrack for English. I then linked the language choice buttons to te videotrack of the right language.

Then I burned a new DVD... and the problem all of a sudden is back!

I then removed the first play video tack (copyright and title), set first play again to language select menu.

Burned a DVD, the problem is still there.

Then I removed the introtexts as well again. After burn, the problem disappeared again!

So, it definitely had to do with the introtexts (a normal videotrack with two clips inside (pct files of 15sec).

I then built the extra menu, the info menu and all extras.

Burned, no problems!

I then finally made the copyright, title, introtext1 and introtext2 as menus (10sec timeout), linked it.

After burn, works fine.

So, what was wrong with having a simple video track between the language selection and mainmenus?

I lastly removed some last faults in the DVD and in the last burn saw the ?? mark appearing in the first play menu, while I haven't changed anything except for the 'title', 'menu' and 'return' command of the disc to language menu. I then made another build with those three settings again to 'not set' but the ?? remains, even it doesn't cause any problems.


I could send or upload the current project to my server if you still want to look at it. Just let me know.

Thank you very much for your willingness to help.


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