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Re: subtitle import from .stl file

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Bouke VahlRe: subtitle import from .stl file
by on Sep 11, 2008 at 1:50:31 pm

You're making a HUGE thinking mistake here.
It is not that other apps are expensive, it's that the apple stuff is DIRT CHEAP. I remember paying 1k for FCP, and 1k for DVD SP, and pay over 1K for Photoshop, and over 1k for AE, etc..
You get what you pay for.
DVD SP has bugs. FCP has bugs. FCP is not 'ready', Apple makes an effort for other companies to create tools around it, so everyone can have his 'custom' rig.

Compare that to Avid. Avid is 'slighly' better at some things, and horrible in other things. Not so long ago an Avid rig costed 10 times more than a comparabe FCP rig. Still some people choose Avid (i'm one of them), just for those tiny, very little, but very important details.
If i read on a FCP forum "why can't i open my sequence i've been working on for weeks?" i read (if it was in my suite), "i just lost a 10K job and a good customer".

Good tools are expensive. I don't use Compressor, i use Cinemacraft.
Cost was 2K, quality difference marginal, but there definitly is a quality difference.
I never could afford another tool than DVD SP (making DVD's is not my core business, just an extra), but when i get a few huge DVD jobs, i will definitly buy something else.
Especially in a niche (what subtitling still is), you pay what the developers need to provide you (and the few others like you) with custom tools.

Again, i'm not bashing Apple, i even like some of the features. Having XML for anyone to develop for FCP is plain brilliant, it's just that you get what you pay for. And that is, not really everyghing is in the box.

Another tool that comes close to Lemony is the dutch SPOT.
It is not as versatile in conversion, (George made an effort to support every subtitle format known this side of the galaxy), but it gets the job done and is quite popular around here.
Cost is about the same as Lemony.

My tool is 169 euro. I can tell you that although the price looks steep compared to the Apple stuff, i will never ever make money on this. I created it out of a need for myself (that was 2002) cause i had to do about 40 titles. It grew out of hand and it is a bit of a hobby. At a certain point, when i made it commercial, i had to improve it so non-geeks could work with it too, and of course it had to work in almost every workflow.

I have not tracked how much time i've put into it, but i guess that i have to sell 500 copies to get to the break even point.

500 does not sound like much, but for a small tool it is A LOT.

Welcome to the world of pro's, where the difference between Good and Very Good means 10 times more money.

I remember a comparison between a Paintbox and MyFirstSony electronic drawing board. Besides a price difference of a few thousand percent, the difference was 150 more lines of resolution for the paintbox, but if you were working on one of them and wanted music, you had to sing a song yourself while the Sony would do that for you.

smart tools for video pro's

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