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Re: Which image format works best?

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James RobertsRe: Which image format works best?
by on Oct 8, 2008 at 10:51:48 pm

Hmn. Troublesome. Whichever way I import, there's often a big difference in how cleaned up an image is. I like being able to bring in a PS file with it's layers accessible, but that raggedy fringe won't do.

I have a workaround already, though. It's a whole extra step I'd rather not have to make, but if I take the layer intended to be the cutout with empty space, and instead merge it with a solid green layer, I can use a keyer on it and get a cleaner image to superimpose. It's limiting though, because now I have to consider the colors in the image, and whether there's any green in it, and if so what color to use.
Things I wouldn't need to worry about if the image that looks fine in Photoshop carried over in Shake.
I may still get to the bottom of this, but at least there's a backup plan.

On the other hand, my first real test of keying video worked really well. A very uneven green in the original shot. Final Cut Pro's keyers couldn't clear out the dark corners and fringe. Same shot in Shake, I apply Keylight, click once in the mid-green and instant perfect key! Through a 1/4 angle eyeglass frame, hair, and even motion blur, it didn't miss a beat. Amazing difference, If it does that well with a poorly lit green background, it can't miss with a good one!

I wasn't sure when I got Final Cut Studio whether I would have any need for Shake, but took a chance anyway. I'm already glad I did, even if it has been orphaned. It has already distinguished itself alongside all the FCS apps as "key" element. I hope Apple doesn't start breaking it's compatibility with future OS upgrades, unless it's successor is in the same price range (doubtful), I'll be using it for a while.

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