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Re: very basic up/down/ cross convert question

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Samuel FrazierRe: very basic up/down/ cross convert question
by on May 26, 2012 at 8:01:19 am

Wow! Thank you very much for that extremely thorough and educational post! I really appreciate it. Yes, I should have explained myself and the project more. In the short term, I was planning on submitting the movie to film festivals and try to create some buzz. Ultimately, I’d like to make it a cable series. So, I’m shooting as many similar events as possible. As festivals now ask for HD more often than not and TV seems to struggle with anything not HD, HD is my target.
For this last shoot, we had a:

A- Camera: Canon D60 shooting 1080p24
B- Camera: Panasonic HVX200 720p24
C- iPhone 4 720p30; Kodak Playsport 1080p30, another Playsport at 720p60, and the DVX100b shot full screen at 480p30.

I’d like to use the D60 primarily, so I’m editing on a ProRes 422 timeline at 1080p24. I’ve already used Media Manager to convert the HVX200 stuff to 1080p24. Initially I tried Compressor to upres the HVX200, but it seemed a bit noisier than the Media Manager clips and also had some aliasing that that MM didn’t. To my eyes in FCP and Quicktime Player, MM seems to do a pretty good job. There might be just a smidge more color blur on edges than the original HVX200 DVC Pro HD files. Also, I think I’ll be able to cut b/t the D60 and the HVX. The D60 definitely looks better, has less noise in the dark area, and more depth of field. But I’ll probably have to do some power windows color correction to lighten/ highlight faces more, so while doing that on the HVX200 I thought I’d try adding a slow and gradual blur to mimic the depth of field. The C- camera are doing to stand out in comparison no matter what I do, so my thought was just to get them as good as possible and see what holds up and what doesn’t.

I haven’t tried Mediainfo, but will give t a go. The Kodak footage was pretty poor though. Lots of shutter roll and other issues. Looks like old VHS and the iPhone 4 stuff looks much better.

Regarding #1:
So I take it there aren’t any hard and fast rules to this, just trial and error, right? If I went the software route, for frame rate conversion I was going to use the long process suggested by Twixtor and others of Cinema Tool conforming 30p to slowed down 24p, then speeding the footage back up in either Compressor or Twixtor to the compensate for the slowdown. Tried this with Compressor and workflow Compressor and found it created a ghost frame every so often, so not crazy about it. Optical flow in Boris Red worked better, but I can’t figure out how to make it frame accurate. May download the demo of Twixtor and give it a chance.
For the upres, I was going to try Instant HD (Red Giant), Boris BCC Uprez, or Topaz Enhance. Compressor didn’t do it for me with the HVX to 1080p, so I’m probably going to dump it.

Regarding #2
I have a friend whom I might be able to bribe to borrow two of his work edit suites (both with Kona 3 cards) to upres the footage. So, he’d be sending out with one edit bay and capturing with another. My thought was to see if I could find some less expensive option to get similar results to his hardware by getting either 2 cards of my own, 1 card and something like a BlackMagic HyperDeck Shuttle, or just one card and see if my more accessible friend with a single Kona 3 card will share our equipment for transfers of this type.

So, I was wondering if there’s a good hardware option in the Io XT to do frame rate conversions as part of this workflow. But, if software would do a better job (short of something like a Teranex), then would it make sense to just do the hardware upres if at all possible and the frame rate after?

Thanks again for all your help!

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