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Menu flickers to black issue

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Michael Babbitt
Menu flickers to black issue
on Jun 24, 2012 at 1:01:12 am

First, I've been trying to fix this issue for about three weeks now and I'm pretty frustrated.

I've searched all through the forum 'flicker', 'stutter', 'black', 'jittery' blah blah. I haven't found anything that fits this issue (it's not a video flicker issue) so I finally thought I'd ask.

Here is the dilemma.

Burning a DVD, designed in Encore but using Photoshop menus. Everything works PERFECTLY when I play it on a computer. (I did find lots of stuff about that in the forum which helped me rule out many possibilities already but still hasn't yet solved the issue.)

After burning, I go to play the DVD and it two separate places (will call them Menu A and Picture B) it sort of flickers and then just goes black. With Menu A it stays black. With Picture B (it's in a slideshow) the music keeps playing and then after about 3 seconds or so, the picture flickers back in and the slide show continues playing perfectly. All the way through the 20 or so slides. With Menu A it never comes back but through trial and error I figured out that the disc is actually still playing and if I use the arrow on the remote to go over to the menu (even though I can't see it) when I push enter it activates the button, the menu changes to the new location and viola the image (though not of the bad menu) comes up.

All right, that said, here's an added snafu to the situation. Again through trail and error I found out that the offending menu (I have about 7 menus in the DVD) for some reason had the "Automatically Route Buttons" checked when none of the others did. So I unchecked it, hoping desperately that this would fix the problem. Burned a disc and popped it in. Now the 'flickering' happens on the parent menu when you press the button to go to Menu A and then stays black when your at the menu. But it has the same effect of you can still actually navigate if you know where the buttons are because they still work, just can't see them.

To make it even worse, I decided to delete the Slideshow that Picture B was in and rebuild it. Same order of pictures. Same music. Same duration. Only effect is the Cross Dissolve for default transition. Picture B (the 7th slide in the series) now works perfect. Picture C (the 3rd slide in the series) now does what picture B did.

This is really driving me crazy. I seriously hope I don't have to rebuild the entire project as it took a good long while to get done the first time.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I apologize for this being so long winded I just wanted to provide enough info to hopefully solve this problem.



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