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Solved: Could not create Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound DVD (specifically targeting Blu-Ray)

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Michael Buie
Solved: Could not create Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound DVD (specifically targeting Blu-Ray)
on Mar 27, 2012 at 9:01:45 am

Issue prelude:

OK ... I taught myself how to set up a sequence to point my Stereo and Mono Audio channels to the 5.1 Master Channel, to use the puck in the Surrround Sound space to create my mix, etc, etc. Good to go, right?


Ready to render and discovered I had to chunck down $295 for Surcode. :-/ grrrrrr!


Rendered fine, apparently, but when I imported into Encore, I no longer could hear my audio in Surround Sound. I could not adjust properties for DD 5.1 Surround anywhere in Encore. There were so many variations of this issue listed on the internet, I could not figure out what was wrong from googling.

I gvae up and called tech support and told the Indian guy the problem I was having and what I was trying to accomplish.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a software developer and work with some stellar programmers who are from India; I know anyone of any background can achieve anything. But, I had to go through a torturous script with a guy who knew NOTHING about this application.

I subsequently went through a situation similar to this one:

After asking me to hold (a good 15 minutes) he came back and told me I must not have used SurCode to encode the audio!

Are you freaking KIDDING ME! I told you I just bought Surcode, dude!

He made me do a lot of useless crap before telling me he would escalate the issue to someone with technical knowledge of Encore (duh) and I was stuck where I started, a torturous hour or more later.

To make a long story short, here is the trouble-shooting I put in the ticket opened online for me, and the update I supplied when I finally decided just to burn a DVD regardless of whether I could hear the 5.1 channels in Encore or not.

I am a meticulaous trouble-shooter at every step. Apparently that bit me. If I had ignored the fact I could not hear 5.1 sound at the Encore step, I would have come out with the finished product from the beginning. But, I would not have known this one little detail about not hearing it in Encore.

1. Problem report and trouble-shooting
- Dolby 5.1 surround sequence plays fine in Premiere Pro
- Exports to .ac3 file from PrPro, no problem.
- Imports back into PrPro and plays proper 5.1 surround audio
- Import into Encore, the .ac3 file will only reproduce in stereo
- Import .ac3 OR .wma 5.1 file from internet into PrPro or play with other media program, 5.1 correct.
- Import .ac3 OR .wma 5.1 file from internet into Encore, only plays in stereo (channels directed at Left Surround and Right Surround
will not play

2. Update after discovering I really had no problem (except a certain sliver of knowledge)

"I came back to post what I found so you guys won't waste your time.

Apparently, even though playback in the Encore Editor is only in stereo, as long as I do NOT allow transcode of the audio, when it builds the DVD, it processes the 5.1 streams correctly.

So, I burned a Blu-Ray DVD and upon playback, the 5.1 channels were routed perfectly.

It would be helpful if somewhere you guys noted that even though Encore preview of the DVD will not output 5.1 surround, it will encode the built DVD properly as long as a transcode of the audio in Encore is not allowed."

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