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DVD Workshop 2

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John LennonDVD Workshop 2
by on May 21, 2012 at 11:00:12 pm

I have Ulead DVD Workshop 2. I prefer it to all other programmes I've used when making DVDs from existing videos (due to the ease and flexibility of the menu making), but encoding with it is random (it may encode, may hang...anything other than 4X3 MUST be encoded with another programme). When googling to see why it was hanging, I came across a thread where a person makes a menu-less DVD using ConvertXtoDVD4 (which I ALSO have) and then changes the vob extension to mpg after a complicated procedure of using MakeISO to make an iso, DVD Decrypter to rip the iso to files (using a virtual drive) and then renaming the vob extensions to mpg. I simply used ConvertXtoDVD4 to make the dvd and then used JoinVobTool to combine the correct vobs and then renamed to mpg. I then used these mpg files to work on my DVD. DVD Workshop 2 had the DVD files with nice menus done in a short time. I then used VobBlanker to create chapters. (I originally planned to make 5 DVDs but after getting some additional files, decided to make 6...including CHANGING the first would now have 6 titles rather than 7 as originally planned.) When I decided to re-do the 1st DVD, I did so after again making a menu-less DVD with ConvertXtoDVD4 and joining the vobs, et cetera. I had to do this as I'd deleted the original ConvertXtoDVD4 vob files as well as the mpg files due to hard drive space considerations. I then proceeded to make my NEW DVD disc 1. Both times, there was no problem. I was using WINXP SP2. I got my 1st DVD "perfect" and burned it. At some point before ever making the 2nd DVD "perfect", my computer locked up. I finally had to unplug it to get it to shut off. When I rebooted, I was unable to reboot as a file (I now forget which, exactly) was missing or corrupted. Unable to locate my WINXP SP2 CD, I went with WINXP SP3 to reinstall windows. When I got to the stage where I planned to use VobBlanker to split the cells to make my chapters, I noted that a file that was ORIGINALLY 25 minutes was NOW 20 minutes in length. I should point out that my OS drive has files that I do not want to lose, so in order to reinstall windows, I take ANOTHER drive (with WINXP SP2) and use IT as the OS and delete the settings and documents folder and windows folder on what is now the "D" drive...I then put the drive back as the "C" drive in order to reinstall (I do not format the drive). The original video files are at 23.975fps and ConvertXtoDVD4 apparently converts to 30fps with no noticeable change in the length of the video (NTSC). The original avi files and the DVD compliant mpg files seem to be exactly the same lengthwise. Apparently, the DVD Workshop 2 is causing the issue somehow (despite the fact that it didn't before). As someone suggested that perhaps SP3 was the cause of the problem, I decided to go back to WINXP SP2 (having obtained another CD). After putting in the drive to bypass the being unable to format my OS drive situtation, I realised that I could use IT to do the files. I then saw that I'd already installed DVD Workshop and realised I'd actually worked on the SECOND DVD using that drive (and OS). That was when the problem first occurred. If the change from 23.976fps to 30fps explains the length discrepancy, it ALMOST makes sense. But the MPG files (where the change occurs) are correct lengthwise. Only after DVD Workshop makes the files does the length change. Plus there's the fact that it worked fine before the crash. I've tried doing a completely different video file to see if the length changes after running through DVD Workshop as well as doing the first DVD over from scratch. In both instances, the length of the video changes. Checking the DVD Workshop 2 settings, I see nothing amiss. It's set for NTSC and there's not much in the way of settings to begin with (not anything I can see that would explain the length change, any road). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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