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Re: 9.5.3 Driver Eats My RAM - PPro CS6

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Bo Higbee
Re: 9.5.3 Driver Eats My RAM - PPro CS6
on Jul 19, 2012 at 4:25:46 pm

Intel mobo 965 chipset, Q6600 cpu @ 2.4ghz, 8GB ram, Palit OC'd GTX560 1GB ram, Raid 0 (260~300m/sec), Decklink SDI out to a BMD HDLinkPro box which outputs to HDMI monitor. Workflow is HDV aquisition via firewire - edit with output to BetaSP and files.

EDITED 7/25/12 ... I use the NVidia 'CUDA CS5.5 GPU "hack" and have both Premiere Pro CS5.5 and Premiere Pro CS6 installed with the updates.

I use an AJA D10CE SDI converter box to make component NTSC and use audio out from HDLink Pro thru an adapter to get audio to BetaSP deck..... don't ask - it works fine.

NOTE: I have no issues in Premeiere Pro CS5.5 using Decklink drivers 9.5.3 ... only that PPro CS5.5 won't let me choose MY AUDIO OUTPUT preference which PPro CS6 does.

THE ISSUES are using Premiere Pro CS6 with the Decklink 9.5.3 driver.

ISSUE 1 - REVERSE FIELD dominance using DV clips on CS6 NTSC or DV timeline. I must got into each clip and click "reverse field dominance" setting to keep my eyes from getting pulled out of my head looking at my 27" picture tube program monitor during playback. No problems with CS5.5 using BMD's ntsc or DV templates... just a BIG problem in CS6 as there are no BMD DV templates ... only MS DV or Adobe DV settings. *(No issues in PPro CS5.5 with this)

ISSUE 2 - Caching, caching, caching, timeline pausing, churning & freezing .... CONSTANTLY !! using Premiere Pro CS6 and driver 9.5.3. Basically driver 9.5.3 is un-usable in CS6. *(no issues in PPro CS5.5)

ISSUE 3 - ... well driver 9.5.3 fixed the closed captioning problem in CS6, but with the caching problems you've got to go back to driver 9.5.2 so you can work, BUT you have no CLOSED CAPTIONS ! .... see the problem here? *(no issues in PPro CS5.5)

ISSUE 4 - using PPro CS6 and driver 9.5.3 ... big color offset problem with motion video! This is NO problem using same driver in PPro CS5.5 ... only withing CS6.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM: Imagine a white Chevy Van traveling in daytime left to right across your screen at 25mph in a medium wide fixed (no pan) shot using a Sony V1U camera set at HDV 1080i. Suck the footage into PC using firewire .... In PPro CS5.5 using driver 9.5.3 the red chroma smear of the tail light lenses trails just slightly behind the tail light lens and appears as a normal chroma lag - EVEN when you pause timeline and do a frame grab. It's normal.

BUT !!! ... now do the same thing with PPro CS6 and driver 9.5.3 and the red chroma lag of the tail light lens is IN FRONT OF THE TAIL LIGHT by about ONE FRAME !!! .... doh !@#$!!

To get this CS6 FORWARD chroma to look correct in your edit window you must go up to the program window display and set it to DISPLAY SECOND FIELD !! .... but after doing that to straighten out the chroma in the edit window ... doing a frame grab at this point will result in a frame grab still exhibiting the FORWARD or advanced chroma in front of the object in motion !!!
.... go figure THAT one out.

Now my days wayyyyy back 20+ or more years ago when I had a Commodor Amiga 2000 video Toaster taught me that you can't get a FULL chroma sample in a frame grab in one or two fields, but rather must use 4 fields to get a total chroma sample for the field or frame your working on.

Using the above thinking I will deduce that driver 9.5.3 is looking at luminance from one field, but is getting it's color sampling from THE WRONG FIELDS ... way out in front of the action.

As a further note about audio being in sync with BMD hardware or not - as mentioned in this thread ... I want to be able to MAKE MY OWN CHOICES how and what I use as an audio output to my decks. I don't wish to be tied to the archaic notion that one must use "the harware we sell you" mentality.

This is what gives Premiere Pro CS6 such a great free-ing experience that we've never had prior to CS6. We can within Premiere Pro CS6 choose what we want to use as output hardware both for video and audio.

I want to choose my output hardware as MY NEEDS dictate.

We are now in a file based media world and archaic notions used during the tape based days that you must use "OUR HARDWARE" are over .... bigtime!

Remember the old fixed "rigid" hardware like the Digital Perception DPS 2500 capture board .... or the Video Factory box? ... old, dead relics from the past that could not adapt.

Thanks for listening.

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