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Re: DeckLink HD Extreme 3D Questions

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Joshua Helling
Re: DeckLink HD Extreme 3D Questions
on Jul 15, 2010 at 9:11:45 pm

Hrm...okay..I will do my best on these questions.

1) Is HDMI Stereoscopic 3D capture something that will definitely be added in the...
A> Well, there is never a guarantee until we announce it. But from my understanding it is the intention for that to be a sort of "Round 2" for 3D support.

...Would hate to purchase the card and 3D HDMI capture ends up never being added.
A> Understood.

...Also, keep in mind Nvidia, AMD/ATI, and Microsoft Xbox 360 are considering or have confirmed to be adding Stereoscopic 3D for their hardware and these have no HDCP for gaming.
A> Well, retail versions of the PS3 do indeed encrypt everything. XBox360 doesn't encrypt for gaming. But I've heard already and seen a post here on the forum that it appears that the new "Slim XBox360" also encrypts EVERYTHING. Of course the dev versions may always be different.

2a) You seem to know about the inner workings of PlayStation 3, so you might also know that PlayStation 3 (along Xbox 360 and current generation graphics cards) all output their native gaming sources as RGB 8-Bit 4:4:4.
A> Yup...I do.

...Is the HDMI section of the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D hardware able to capture in RGB but it is just not supported v.i driver/software?
A> On the HD Extreme 3 (older version) it was not capable of doing it. But as I understand it, the hardware on the HDE3D could theoretically do it. But as of yet I haven't been told of any plans to add RGB capture to HDMI.

...If you can see what I am saying here, my sources are RGB 8-Bit 4:4:4 and I would rather not have to capture them as YUV 8 or 10 Bit 4:2:2 with a loss of half the video information.
A> I do see what you are saying. Though it's closer to 1/3 loss, but I get your point.

...If I purchase the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D is RGB capture v.i HDMI something I could request or pay extra for? Is there a reason why BlackMagic has never supported RGB capture v.i HDMI when RGB is part of the HDMI specification?
A> Not likely. If it is a feature that we can and choose to add, we will add it for free, and everyone with a Decklink HD Extreme 3D will get access to it.

2b) From what I understand RGB capture is only currently supported v.i SDI with DeckLink HD Extreme 3D and that is 10-Bit RGB 4:4:4 up to 1080p24?, correct? Is the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D hardware able to support 8-Bit RGB 4:4:4 or is just a software/driver limitation? If ever added/possible, would 8-Bit RGB allow for full 1080p60 capture?
A> Tricky question. Much of this overlaps with parts of question 1. As to "IF" the hardware can do it, see my response above. As to if we add support, it would probably most likely remain a 10bit capture (vs 8bit). The reason being would be that we would also need to develop an 8bit RGB codec. And IF we did I don't see a reason it couldn't (technically) support 1080p60.

3) The HDMI ports on the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D are 1.3, correct? Does that mean they support deep color?...
A> Yes. But remember that supporting a spec (1.3, or 1.4) means that the hardware chip can support certain features, but not all features are required. Still only the YUV color space is captured from HDMI (though an RGB signal will be converted for capture).

...Also, has 480p capture support been implemented yet? And is that 480p support for all inputs or only hdmi and component and not sdi?
A> In the Ultra Studio Pro and the Intensity Shuttle yes it has. And I believe its for Component, HDMI, and SDI. It has not yet been implemented to the Decklink HD Extreme 3D but is likely to make it in an update.

Heck...this post was long.


Director of Support
Blackmagic Design Inc.

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