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Lumix GH5 1080p MOV files
Lumix GH5 1080p MOV files
by Michael Brown on Nov 23, 2019 at 1:38:19 pm

Hey folks, long time no hear.

Does anyone know how to import Lumix GH5 files shot as 1080p .mov?

My operator gave me files that I can recognize, import and even convert to ProRes with EditReady, but when played in QT7 (before and after conversion), I have sounf but nothing but a pure black frame. When I drop the converted ProRes file right into a timeline, it accepts it but the frame is a freeze frame of the shot with colorful rectangular pixel rows appearing throughout the frame randomly. All the files from the same source behave identically.

FCP7 runs on my 27" iMac and Yosemite perfectly smoothly, and I also tried playing the .mov files on my 15" MBP on El Capitan, unfortunately same results.

I'm waiting for my DP to come back with the camera t see if the camera plays them at all.

Thanks for your tips!


Michael Brown

Re: Lumix GH5 1080p MOV files
by Mark Suszko on Nov 25, 2019 at 5:22:51 pm

what other converters/transcoders have you tried?

Re: Lumix GH5 1080p MOV files
by Michael Brown on Nov 25, 2019 at 11:03:48 pm

Hi Mark,

Thanks for responding! Not much more going on for FCP7 on this forum apparently 😉 To start off by answering your question, just about everything I had that would give me ProRes, including EditReady, Streamclip, Wondershare, and Compressor. This morning my DP came with the Lumix and I was relieved to see that the files played fine on the camera. My nightmare week-end was over! When I converted with Editready (which it recognized and converted), all I had was a black frame and the sound.

But in QT I had the oddest thing: a thumbnail showing the 1st frame of the GoPro that we were running at the same time, with my DP in front of it when he turned it on. When trying to play the file in QT, it was this crazy freeze frame with a bunch of horizontal pixel groups all over the frame. It still beats me, but apparently the WiFi and/or Bluetooth functions of the Lumix were communicating with the GoPro! A total mystery to this day.

After intensive research on the web, I finally stumbled over and purchased Aiseesoft Video Converter and whaddya know? It worked perfectly. So I'm back on the right track and happy.

Too bad even the brand new GoPro 7 Black (not to mention any other video camera I've dealt with) is not capable of keeping sound in sync. You lose a good 3 to 4 frames by the end of every file. No problem for me because I marked slates and rolled good sound separately, but it's always a nuisance to have to edit into your camera-sound in order to keep it in sync.

Cheers and many thanks again for your interest. Best from Hamburg,


Michael Brown