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trouble capturing betacam on FCPPro (Sony J30 problem?)
trouble capturing betacam on FCPPro (Sony J30 problem?)
by Rick Neely on Jul 20, 2018 at 2:31:28 am

Hey folks,

doing some migration for a client and having an issue. This might be more of a Sony J30 deck issue versus FCP. But basically I can not get video or audio in my log and capture.

Here what IS working-

RS-422 control from my AJA IO-LA box via firewire (log and capture)
Audio goes through AJA without problems
AJ io control panel recognizes aja io box but 'no video' in analog input
Verified all connections to be correct and secure.

Again, think something is awry with the J-30. The machine displays LTC timecode on playback, audio though deck headphones, and timecode and status on display on my preview monitor. BUT I am not getting video either through the component preview Or the composite output (even though it is generating a display). really can't think I popped a sound head. Is there possibly a setting that turns off video display?

Thanks in advance.


Re: trouble capturing betacam on FCPPro (Sony J30 problem?)
by Shane Ross on Jul 20, 2018 at 7:48:57 pm

Check all outputs of the deck on a monitor...if you can't get a signal to the monitor, that's the issue, not FCP. So swap cables...if that doesn't do it, then it's a deck issue.

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