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compressor issue : no MXF-files accepted
compressor issue : no MXF-files accepted
by Thomas Tessun on Jun 1, 2018 at 6:29:15 pm

Hello everybody,
I need to recode xmf files to ProRes422 using compressor.
The material was shot on XDCam HD Sony PMW-200 and some idiot made a mistake during XDCam Transfer ( probably me . . )
I now have to restore the project by recoding to ProRes which works fine on my MacBook but not on my MacPro workstation although its the same compressor version 3.53 and FCP7 running on both systems.

My question : Why does compressor on my workstation not recognize the mxf-files whereas my Macbook does.
Am I missing a codec or plugin on the workstation ? Is the issue somehow related to Quicktime Player ?
The MacBook also shows previews of the mxf-files.

I'm sorry for asking such stupid questions but I'm out of the video business for over 4 years now and just got back for this one job being asked by a friend - I did a good job shooting but f***** it up transferring the files to HDD.
As I have to recode another 250 files I would be happy if someone is willing to help.
I fooled around for some 10 days by now and read a lot in the forums but couldn't find anything like.
As my workstation and the MacBook are "old School" I have to stay with them . . .

Thank you so much