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FCP 6/7 on a MacBook Pro Retina
FCP 6/7 on a MacBook Pro Retina
by George Mauro on May 19, 2017 at 4:50:45 pm

Hi all,

So I used to be a T3 (Apple trainer for FCS) I've been asked to work on a project and I now have a MacBook Pro Retina w/ El Cap.

I've installed my old copy of FCS 2 (aka FCP 6) it's up and running, YAY! And now I'm doing the upgrade to FCP3 (FCP7) and I'm stuck at the serial number page! I'm asked for the upgrage number which is on the installation booklet. I enter in all 33 numbers and hyphens and then it asks for the original number. I enter in the FCS2 number I just used to install FCP6 and it tells me it's the wrong number. I've check five times... it's correct! Am I missing something? Any thoughts?

Thanks folks.


Re: FCP 6/7 on a MacBook Pro Retina
by Dave LaRonde on May 20, 2017 at 4:35:51 pm

[George Mauro] "Any thoughts?"

Yes -- does this laptop happen to run OS 10.8.6, the last OS that was fully-approved to run FCP7? Nope, it's El Capitan. The further one gets from the last approved OS, the chances increase that the old software will act oddly.

I'm thinkin' "legacy laptop". Perhaps a 6-year-old, tricked-out MacBook pro.

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