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how to "sharpen" low res video mixed with high res canon 5d video
how to "sharpen" low res video mixed with high res canon 5d video
by raju bhai on Jan 1, 2017 at 7:17:57 pm


So if you've followed my other recent posts you know i am editing a music video with primarily high quality canon 5d footage. However, i also have some clips from a flip camera as well as very small frame size low res footage from other sources. Everything has been transcoded to apple prores 422 with same settings.

Now my question is how to get the low res video to look less pixelated. Obviously i know there is no editing software than can upgrade the video quality at all. However, at least in photoshop, i can use gaussian blur and some alternate blending modes in addition to the photoshop sharpen filter to at least mask or conceal the pixelation of an image somewhat. But i don't know how to do that with video footage in FCP 7. Anybody know?

Again, i don't expect the poor quality clips to look great, i'm using them in the video sparingly here and there to add punctuation and interesting variety to the video, so it's ok if they look affected, i just want to sharpen them somewhat and blur out the pixelation or whatever method can be used within FCP 7, so please let me know! thx

Re: how to "sharpen" low res video mixed with high res canon 5d video
by Shane Ross on Jan 1, 2017 at 9:02:25 pm

There are built in GAUSSIAN BLUR and SHARPEN filters in FCP...but they don't act the same way in video as they do in photos. You might need to DE-NOISE the video..and that isn't built into FCP. You'll need an outside plugin for that...NEAT VIDEO was the best for this. But FCP has been discontinued for nearly 6 years, so finding it, or something similar, might be a challenge.

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