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General error when screen capture layer is over video layer
General error when screen capture layer is over video layer
by Josh Bass on Sep 20, 2016 at 9:45:47 pm

Sorry, this is a weird one.

So, using FCP7. Will be doing a whole series of presentation edits with several tracks. . .main video layer with the lecturer, a converted Snaggit screen capture layer from a laptop/powerpoint presentation, and a 2nd video layer where we've actually shot the projector screen as backup if Snaggit fails. The cameras are both EX1s, and I have been converting the Snaggit mp4s to XDCAM matching the specs of the footage, since FCP doesn't seem to like those mp4s at all, and converting to XDCAM keeps me from having to render to preview.

So, sometimes this has worked fine, other times, with no (apparent) change to the setup, I will get these "general errors" every time it tries to render. I've discovered it's ONLY when the converted Snaggit track is enabled and the main video track is enabled at the same time, and even then only certain parts (the footage for each presentation is generally three long clips that coincide with breaks taken during the presentation, but it's only PARTS of those continuous clips that seem to be problematic). Lame but workable solution has been to disable the main video layer when it's under the Snaggit layer (we cut back and forth between presenter and screen capture).

This is all so weird. Any idea why it's happening?