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Video stutters when scaled down?
Video stutters when scaled down?
by Jackie Zabel on Mar 4, 2014 at 7:53:11 pm

We've done several subtitling projects in the past few years with this process:

1) Exporting a 16x9 sequence (1920x1080, APR, 23.98fps)
2) Bringing that export into a 4x3 sequence (1280x960, APR, 23.98fps)
3) Adding titles beneath the video.

>>End result looks something like this:

This process has worked quite well in the past, however, with this current project, once the export is brought into the 4x3 sequence, it has a slight stutter. The 16x9 sequence and export look fine, the 4x3 sequence is the same frame rate and codec as the export (APR, 23.98). It ONLY stutters when the image is scaled down. Exporting the 4x3 sequence also results in a stutter, so I don't think it's a render issue.

Attempted work arounds that failed:
- Nesting the 16x9 sequence in the 4x3 sequence
- Restarting/switching computers/drives
- using different firewire cables
- trashing FCP preferences

Has anyone encountered a similar problem and know what might be up?


Re: Video stutters when scaled down?
by Mark Suszko on Mar 4, 2014 at 9:18:16 pm

Did you change your interlace settings?