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Audio Sync (Timecode Edit)
Audio Sync (Timecode Edit)
by Jerry Jones on Dec 13, 2015 at 2:55:51 am

1) I have sent audio files (from video) to client so he can give me input on actual clips he wants us to use. (His request).

2) He has sent me edit requests using time code from audio files sent to him (MP3). But when I try to find that exact time code on my FCP7 timeline, it does not match up. So am spending much too much time hunting for the in/out points.

For example, his edit starts at 2:52 - but I can never find it at that time on FCP timeline. (Nor in viewer.)

3) What am I doing wrong? How can I quickly find exact time on what he has sent me? I am sure this is something very simple - something a 3rd grader could probably figure out. But it is not coming to me so easily!!

Thanks much.

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Re: Audio Sync (Timecode Edit)
by Nick Meyers on Dec 13, 2015 at 1:15:31 pm

your client probably doesn't have the timecode you are referencing

when you export from FCP you might be keeping the original TC you might not,
you'd have to be exporting as a quicktime move, audio only to keep the TC

but when you convert it to MP3, you loose the TC.
the file you sent your client most likely has TC starting at zero.

so you have to set something up on your end that can reflect that.

one way would be to put your original video clips into a timeline, and add a timecode generator filter to them,
that aways starts at zero.
be aware that if you cut them at any point, the TC will re-set to zero,
but it's just to get the required clips, so you can work with that.