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Relinking media for output to cinema tools (and neg cut)
Relinking media for output to cinema tools (and neg cut)
by Julia Feyrer on Apr 1, 2015 at 4:09:47 pm

I am using FCP 7 and have an almost finished edit going. However my media needs to be updated to a file that is linked with the original films keyframes. The file I started the edit with was missing this information. However, the new file I received from the lab is cut up into individual files per roll number (there are 14 rolls). I dont know how to accurately replace the big long file i started with, with these new 14 files, even though the lab confirmed they would be frame accurate to the original telecine. Do I have to manually redo the whole edit?
help, please!

Re: Relinking media for output to cinema tools (and neg cut)
by Nick Meyers on Apr 5, 2015 at 7:41:59 am

hi Julie.

FCP can't easily convect to these new files.
it uses file name to connect.

and your original "one long file" will cause issues if you try to force FCP to connect to your new files.

one option is to match frame all the shots back into place.
or there' a coupe of tools you could use to help you re-conect.

one is FCP Reconnect from Video Toolshed. it costs about $60 i think.
OR there is Resolve lite, which is free.
both would involve you exporting an XML from FCP,
bringing it into the software, and re-connecting to the new media
you should then be able to export.

HOWEVER, both would need your files to have the right Timecode.
or a TC that matched your one long original file,
and than might just not be the case.
the more i think about it, the more i think it probably isn't.

hm. you might have to manually over-cut the film.

there's always ways to trick FCP, and work these things out, i can think of one right now,
but they are often just as complicated as over-cutting

your original file: where did that come from?
can you describe it and how it differs from the new files?
how many camera rolls are there?