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Loss of quality in title overlay issue
Loss of quality in title overlay issue
by Alexandre Brandt on Oct 13, 2014 at 4:20:44 pm

Hello folks,

I've got a wired issue going on.
I have a project in Apple prores 422 HQ 25p 1920x1080 with a track dedicated to titles with video files in 25p 1920x1080 animation codec in RGB+Alpha.

My titles suffer from a loss of quality around the edges and became rougher and slightly pixilated once in Final Cut 7. However the original export in Animation RGB+Alpha is fine.

Here are screen shots

Here is a text plate screen shot. Done with MPEG streamclip (to avoid going into FCP7 who could change anything) from the original Animation RGB + Alpha video file that I exported from After Effects. Everything looks perfect:

Here is a screen shot from FCP7 with the text in the timeline over an image. You can see that the edges are now ruff. It is the same issue if I open the file in the FCP viewer so it should not be a sequence settings issue

I then exported an Apple Prores 422 HQ version of the video file from After Effects. I brought it in FCP7 and put it in the timeline and exported a video test and it looks good. Here is a screenshot. It looks perfect, no roughness on the edges

My conclusion is that there is an issue with FCP7 dealing with the animation RGB+Alpha video. My issue is that I need that format in order to get the text in overlay over my main video track.

What can I do ?

motion pictures + storytelling = ?

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