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Sony NXCAM "matrix stereo" in FCP Log and Transfer
Sony NXCAM "matrix stereo" in FCP Log and Transfer
by Mabel Valdiviezo on Sep 13, 2014 at 7:15:45 pm

Hello everyone,

I got NXCAM footage from an interview shot with 2 mics, channel 1 and channel 2. I have logged & transferred using the FCP AVHCD plugin on a laptop with OSX 10.9, 2.2 GHZ Intel Core 7.
The footage has been converted to Prores 422 QT via Log and Transfer.
I noticed that the only option for audio under the AVHCD plugin within L&T is either "Matrix stereo" or "Plain Stereo". Why doesn't have a mono option?
So the converted file has a stereo track.
When bringing it to FCP's timeline ch1 shows audio on the waveform and I can see the levels but only Ch2 is audible.
I have even unlinked the stereo tracks and try to played in other tracks but ch1 keeps been silent.
Any ideas how to fix this?
Do I need to figure out a different way to just transcoded the audio from the native footage and then remarry the audio tracks in FCP7?

I also did a test in an older Intel computer with the AVCHD plugin and FCP7 but same results.

Time is of essence.

Thank you so much!

Mabel Valdiviezo