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Retaining Markers In An Exported QT
Retaining Markers In An Exported QT
by Brett Bevelacqua on May 5, 2014 at 7:08:08 pm

Hello all,
I need to do hundreds of cut downs. Essentially taking hour long clips and cutting them to 7 or 8 minute reels. During the cutdown I make a sequence with the best stuff, add markers at each cut point and export a markers list. I then export my 8 min sequence, bring it back in FCP and manually add each and every marker. Generally there are 40 or 50 markers per 8 minutes clip for which I have to manually cut and paste timecode to add the markers to my new 8 minute clip. It is a huge PIA!

Does anyone know of a way I could keep the markers with the exported clip so when I import the cut down clip I don't have to manually add markers?