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FCP7: Reconnect Media Not Working!
FCP7: Reconnect Media Not Working!
by Mike Young on Apr 19, 2014 at 12:57:51 am

I have reconnected media hundreds of times, but for some reason recently I am having trouble. I just got the new Mac Pro, and installed FCP7 from its original discs. Everything else works fine, but recently when I try to reconnect media to files over a network, the "locate" window shows nothing in the folder(s) I navigate to. I can navigate to these folders just fine in my finder, play the clips, everything. We have multiple computers connected via ethernet server, and all other transfers and connections are fine. I can reconnect media that is local on my internal hard drive or via thunderbolt/usb connected drives. Is there some sort of setting in Final Cut that would prevent this? Sometimes I can see the folders I want, but when I double-click into them, there's nothing inside, and then those main destinations (networked computers, drobos, etc.) are no longer in the side bar. What gives??

Thanks in advance!

Re: FCP7: Reconnect Media Not Working!
by Shane Ross on Apr 21, 2014 at 5:50:26 pm

Might be an issue with FCP 7 (old software) and Mavericks (brand spankin' new OS)...because this new OS wasn't written with FCP 7 in mind. I know that there was issues with AVCHD card formats and Mountain Lion...Mountain Lion couldn't see the full card structure where Lion could. Something in the OS made them hidden. Wondering if the same is with this OS...functioning thru FCP 7. The OS can see the ethernet connection and all that, but FCP cannot.

Just a wild guess. Sorry, can't offer troubleshooting help on this, just a speculative reason.

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Re: FCP7: Reconnect Media Not Working!
by Mike Young on Apr 22, 2014 at 3:04:52 am

Thanks for the insight. I was kind of thinking the same thing (basically the only other factor I could think of...) and was just hoping maybe someone else had experienced this and found a solution.