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h264 and editing
h264 and editing
by stephen hoyal on Oct 11, 2013 at 4:33:40 pm


I am transfering vhs to h264. I am importing the file to final cut pro a few minor edits and color correction and then exporting to compressor. My question is am I doing this right? Am I losing picture quality this way?
Another idea is to import to final cut pro and then make a pro res or dv or mov copy and then import that to final cut and then make my edits and then export to compressor.

Do I enhance picture quality by making a pro res or dv or mov file?


Re: h264 and editing
by Shane Ross on Oct 11, 2013 at 5:03:25 pm

FCP doesn't work well with native H.264 files. There might be sync issues, there might be exporting issues (flash frames, sync loss)...never know what'll happen until you start working.

No, the workflow for H.264 in the 4 year old, discontinued, no longer updated FCP 7 is to convert all the footage to ProRes, and then edit. Does it IMPROVE quality? No...but it makes it easier to edit.

If you want to do simple edits like this, you need to look at different tools. Premiere Pro CC works with H.264 works with pretty much any native camera or video format. Then you export to what you want. Perfect for what you want to do. there's also'll work native, or convert to ProRes..up to you.

Time to look at tools that'll do what you want, not old tools that require you to do a lot just for something simple.

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