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ProRes - interlaced or not??
ProRes - interlaced or not??
by Niklas Wikman on Oct 2, 2013 at 8:21:04 pm

The answer to the subject would perhaps be easy - but I'm a bit confused here...

The thins is that I have a few timelines with mixed footage. Some parts are SD other are HD, 1080i and 720P50.

The timeline settings are as follows:

1. HD (960x720) 16:9, DVCPRO HD 720P50
2. HDTV 1080i (16:9, ProRes 422, upper field (???)

What confuses me is that when I try to analyse my files for compressing (using for example VideoSpec 0.9.8) I'm told all the refs are interlaced, top field first? QT 7 or QT X does not help much, either...

I'm using BitVice to encode my timelines to SD-DVD. I really would like to be able to set BitVice correctly (either the footage is progressive or interlaced, with either top or bottom field first).

Prior to HD, we shot DV50, so no worries about interlaced/non-interlaced and field order.

Any tips on this matter is greatly appreciated!

Re: ProRes - interlaced or not??
by Michael Gissing on Oct 2, 2013 at 11:41:33 pm

Are you producing a PAL DVD? If so then your sequence should be interlaced Upper which is what PAL DVDs are. This matches your HD interlaced footage so you don't need a shift fields filter.