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best mpg conversion for editing in FCP
best mpg conversion for editing in FCP
by john crossfield on Oct 26, 2012 at 9:48:38 pm

Hi all,

working on a hospital project with several sony hDD (SD PAL)cams that create mpg files. I have currently tried a few things after reading various bits of advice on other posts here.

I have converted with MPEG Streamslip to pro res 422, dropped a file into a FCP project, when dropped into the timeline the usual box comes up (this does not fit with your current settings do you want to change the settings) I click ok to allow the settings to be changed. Great, no red render lines to deal with but on moving footage I get the jagged lines across some part of the footage (faces). So not sure what settings to alter in MPEG Streamclip to solve this.

I've also converted using iskysoft video converter. This may be seen as a bit of a faux pa on here not sure but it has very simple interface, has a FCP export setting and when dropped into timeline and settings allowed to be changed, has none of the jagged lines. PERFECT! this is your answer I hear you say. It would be, yes, but the audio needs rendering.

I'd be happy using either software if I can get a smooth image that doesn't need rendering when dropped in the timeline.

So if anyone can offer any advice as to the settings I need to put into either converter and the sequence settings for FCP I'd be most appreciative.

All I'm after is a simple workflow setup so I can set a convert setting that will not require rendering in FCP.

thanks for taking the time to read


Re: best mpg conversion for editing in FCP
by Rafael Amador on Oct 29, 2012 at 3:09:19 pm

Being the stuff SD, I gues is Interlaced.
Check the "Deinterlace Video" box in MPGstreamclip.