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Final Cut Pro Motion
Final Cut Pro Motion
by Suko Bhakti on Oct 15, 2012 at 9:35:31 pm

I was just wondering if the Motion on Final Cut Pro works on Lion for the iMac because it seems to freeze when I open it and when I try to reinstall it can't locate it. Does anyone know what the problem is, or have a solution for me? thanks for the help.

Re: Final Cut Pro Motion
by Mark Suszko on Oct 15, 2012 at 9:49:43 pm

I'm running the FCS-3 studio with FCP7 and Motion 4 on my new 2012 imac at home, running Lion, and everything is stable and working so far. Note I got the maximum RAM and hard drive space, and the most macho video card they offered, maxed out on VRAM as well. I'm running the app and OS on a solid state drive and using the internal 3 Tb drive for my scratch drive. As to what your system's problem is, there's not enough data to say.

Re: Final Cut Pro Motion
by Suko Bhakti on Oct 16, 2012 at 4:23:09 am

Well I'm currently running the FCP-7 and iMac 2011 16GB RAM, 1TB. After deleting Motion then reinstalling it, it doesn't seem to show up on my applications. How do you think I should go about this? Thank you for your help.

Re: Final Cut Pro Motion
by Grant Strac on Oct 16, 2012 at 3:09:59 pm

What level of applications are you looking at? Make sure your looking at top layer HD apps not your user level apps. Final Cut Studio 2,3,x are compatible with Lion. There is no problem on the compatibility front with why it shouldn't be working. Like Mark said we need more information. Version of Final Cut and Motion are the most important because that will dictate troubleshooting patterns. Also before you ever re-install delete preferences first

Re: Final Cut Pro Motion
by Suko Bhakti on Oct 16, 2012 at 9:22:43 pm

Well my version for Final Cut is 7.0.3 and Motion is 3.0. Also if I were to reinstall Final Cut would my projects be erased or could I save them?

Re: Final Cut Pro Motion
by Grant Strac on Oct 16, 2012 at 9:39:19 pm

When you re-install your media will be preserved it only removes the program files from your HD not the project files or the media. You should have everything on a separate drive then your program drive though just as back up. For example I have my boot drive that ONLY has programs on it. I then have a separate drive only for project files .fcp .motn.... then I have another drive with my project file media, footage, assets. Finally I have a separate drive where all my programs save my auto-saves to. Now this is four layers of protection not everyone needs I've just been screwed and I edit for broadcast daily so I actually have another layer where my server is backed up exactly the same way with the four drives (even boot drive) so fi I have catastrophic failure I'll (always) be protected. Not everyone needs to be this paranoid but I absolutely suggest that you NEVER have your project media on your boot drive with the programs. Eventually after extended use it's recommended by apple to keep media and programs on separate drives so your not running a program that is pushing in and out of a drive then the media is doing the same thing. Then eventually you can have bottle neck and burn a drive. I strongly tell you this because it happened to me once. The more layers of protection better because you don't want what happened to me having a show going to air in t minus four hours and boot drive failed with the media drive and thankfully I am paranoid and had sandbox drive and media backed up.

If you have the separate drive back it up anyway. But when removing FCS programs it only touches the top layer of your drive where the actual system files to run program lay.

I know that I am going overboard but it's always best to have backups of everything you'll thank yourself when you do have a failure. I run my machine top notch and it happens to me every three years.

IF you haven't removed the program try deleting your preferences. offers a wonderful preference manager tool to remove them all with button click.

Re: Final Cut Pro Motion
by Richard van Harderwijk on Oct 17, 2012 at 12:59:24 pm

I use the final cut suite3 (FCP7 and motion 4 and etc) on 10.7 lion. It works fine.

But I learned from apple support you have to install the software, then DON'T open it, but run the software update multiple times until there are no updates anymore (they stressed this was crucial), then run the apps.

And you speak about motion3, the suite has motion 4(.0.3). Have you installed two different suites? That can give crashes.

Perhaps you have to clean install the suite

Good luck