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DV PAL anamorphic vs. DV PAL
DV PAL anamorphic vs. DV PAL
by William Holden on Feb 19, 2009 at 4:00:42 pm

So I've captured HOURS of footage in DV PAL anamorphic. But I want my final product to be letterboxed (ie I don't want the picture squeezed into 4:3). Am I too late to simply change settings? Will I have to recapture all my footage to make it letterboxed?

Also, this PAL footage will have to be converted to NTSC anyway (the majority of the other footage is NTSC). If I convert from DV PAL anamorphic to DV NTSC, will this solve my problem effectively? Is there any drawbacks to this?

Any hints or tips are much appreciated!

Re: DV PAL anamorphic vs. DV PAL
by Samuel Hall on Feb 19, 2009 at 4:43:48 pm

To get it to be letterbox, you can just drop the footage on to a 4:3 timeline and FCP will automatically letterbox it.

As for getting it to NTSC you have a few options. Nattress Standards Converter is a good one.

You can also export to NTSC using Compressor. Another option is to use the Conform 25 to 24 tool found in the Tools menu and edit your project at 24fps NTSC.

Samuel Hall

Re: DV PAL anamorphic vs. DV PAL
by Rafael Amador on Feb 20, 2009 at 8:30:30 am

Hi Willian,
To get a Letter-boxed movie you only need to drop your Anamorphic footage in a 4x3 sequence.
Convert your PAL DV Anamorphic to NTSC anamorphic and then edit all together.