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Need some advice creating compressor files
Need some advice creating compressor files
by Sam Roberts on Feb 18, 2009 at 5:14:58 pm

Hi. I just got FCS and haven't even opened compressor yet. Today a client calls in a panic needing an MPG 1 or MPG 2 file for some kind of computer signage playback system.

My source files are one MPG2 Video file and one wave audio file (the soundtrack for the video file). These files need to be combined and then transcoded into a standalone MPG file for playback using, I would guess, windows media player or similar.

If someone could take me through the quickest step by step on how to do this using Compressor? I would really appreciate it. I'm reading the help files but they don't say anything about how you combine a video and audio file before compression.


Re: Need some advice creating compressor files
by Samuel Hall on Feb 18, 2009 at 6:22:48 pm

You should be able to paste the contents of the audio file into the video file with Quicktime Pro before compressing.

Just open the audio file, go to Edit>Select All, Edit>Copy. Open the video file: Edit>Paste. Then just Save As a new file and compress that with Compressor.

As far as the Compressor settings go, you should be able to find many flavors of MPEG compression in the "Formats" folder in the Settings Tab.

Samuel Hall