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USB 3 G-RAID Will Not Mount 10.11.1
USB 3 G-RAID Will Not Mount 10.11.1
by William Carr on Nov 9, 2015 at 8:25:37 pm

After updating 2014 MacMini to El Capitan 10.11.1 I cannot mount my G-RAID 8TB USB 3 drive.
The drive WILL mount via Firewire800, but that's too slow for my video editing.
(I know I can use Thunderbolt and I do, but I'd like to use this particular drive too.)

- Disk Utility, the drive is NOT seen.
- Terminal, the drive is NOT seen.
- System profiler, the drive IS seen, with this info:

G-RAID: Product ID: 0x8017
Vendor ID: 0x4971
Version: 0.05
Serial Number: FD0124100EEF
Speed: Up to 5 Gb/sec
Manufacturer: HGST
Location ID: 0x14700000 / 15
Current Available (mA): 1800
Current Required (mA): 2
Extra Operating Current (mA): 0

I've tried:
- this G-RAID works fine via USB 3 on my MBPRO2013 (Mavericks)
- restarts of drive/Mac every combo
- disk repair of this G-RAID on my other Mac (readings were fine)
- various USB 3 cables
- every port on the Mini
- external powered USB hub into various Mini ports

Any suggestions?