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Paragon - NTFS to transfer Footage from Mac to PC
Paragon - NTFS to transfer Footage from Mac to PC
by Molly Blank on Feb 21, 2013 at 10:25:19 pm

I downloaded Paragon to format a drive for use on PC & Mac. I have a Mac and I want to be able to transfer footage from one harddrive connected to my Mac to another. Then I will give it to someone with a PC. (I keep seeing info about the other way around and reading NTFS but not writing.)

I need to be able to WRITE to this drive so that they can READ it. They will probably never READ to it. Many of my files are over 9 GB.

2 questions:

1. I messed up and formatted a drive on my Mac in Disk Utility as MSDOS(FAT). Is there a way to reformat it to NTFS? The drive is completely blank.

2. When I put an empty drive straighjt from the box (Western Digital Elements) it says that it needs to be initialized. When I open Disk Utility I get the options of NTFS and NTFS Compressed. If I choose NTFS and initialize it with this, will I think be able to transfer files from one Mac formatted harddrive to this drive?

Please help!!!