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Cannon vixia hf m 31 trouble importing
Cannon vixia hf m 31 trouble importing
by shane worth on Aug 19, 2012 at 3:12:12 am

hi trying here as well if anyone else has come across this.

ok here is the issue and wasn't sure what area to post this in:

I have the cannon vixia hfm31 camera, I also use an imac. in order to get my files on my computer I have to use either imovie or final cut pro x. imovie converts the .mts files into .mov files . The clips look fine in imovie and in fcpx.

I have decided to start using adobe premier. The problem after looking though all the setting it seems is that the way imovie converts the .mts files into .mov files, I end up with small lines that look like interlacing which it isn't but I get that combed look if try to use the files in premiere to edit with. I know this because I have a pc laptop now and premier uses the same .mts fines perfectly on the pc.

Has anyone else encountered this? I really want to start using premier but am not sure how to get rid of this interlace look I tried deinterlacing in premier but it didn't work.

Any suggestions?